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Ronnell L. Showell,  Founder  & Philanthropist is a devout ambassador of the Christian faith. Who cares about improving the public health within the minority communities: physical, mental and social well being. His goals are to bring knowledge of our communities social determinants, awareness programs and disseminate asymmetrical information to the populace; which will give rise to a positive trajectory via transferable knowledge leading to a better quality of living within the black and brown people for a better tomorrow.

Esprit de Corps means morale, cohesiveness and loyalty. We value our meaning that is our strength and we stand by our words; which is to deliver upon the actions of our initiatives. In early 2020, our Non-Profit Organization team and dedicated members decided to step up and be proactive within our under served minority communities. We implemented working ideals and programs that will assist our youth and adult population to overcome systemic pain points. We are their mentors, that will lead, guide and train all those needing this transferable knowledge via our qualified training and certified programs.

Our servant leaders are Spiritual leaders, Teachers, Military Veterans and Coaches who had life experiences and know how to use best practices to instill learning. We teach to educate and instruct to demonstrate how to utilize transfer information into tangible skill sets. We will provide the necessary training styles and tools that will yield success for each individual; to complete their full training program, thus becoming positive leaders within their perspective communities.

We will vow to work hand in hand with our candidates: youth, adolescence, adults, and seniors within minority communities to bridge the gaps between the people of various ages.   Together, we shall overcome our challenges one by one with effective solutions and more efficient programs. Esprit de Corps is the "genesis project" for a new beginning in all minority communities.

Serving Food

Community Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Programs

Our team have developed a positive strategic plan to interject into the thought processes within the minority communities we serve. Our consortium of awareness programs are design to positively impact the total person: physical & mental health, health wellness & spiritual values, financial & wealth literacy, workforce development & training, and home ownership & entrepreneurship. Thus educating, changing and leading our participates with a different mental attitude and diversified thought processes. And, how we all work together for the greater good in socioeconomic development and sustainable quality of living.

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S.T.E.M  Program

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To Engage, Educate and Empower  minority children K-12, and young to older adults in the arena of STEM via tech. This training & development program will lead black and brown children off the streets into the meeting room. For employed or underemployed adults desiring to change their career. The program encompass leadership training and critical thinking involvement. We have built our capacity to deliver technology products via our Authorized Partnership with CompTia, a world renown Information Technology training and certification organization. Click the link to see our products. http://store.comptia.org/


Future Technology Leader via S.T.E.M

 Young Black Tech Girls on a Mission

Our Girlz program will to bring awareness and development to our K-12th black & brown students; to place value on the diverse opportunities for women in technology. Learn how to effective and efficient apply it for a better sustainable life style. STEM programs are not highly discussed or taught in the minority communities. However, minority youth use and own smart devices equally to any other group of children but do not learn to capitalize on the opportunities within the workforce or businesses.

Upcoming Events

  • Zion-B.I.G. 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament
    Jun 11, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM CDT
    Zion, 3309 21st St, Zion, IL 60099, USA

Esprit de Corps

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Bringing Impactful Change


Healthcare Literacy

Mr. Showell, Certified Orthopedic Physician/Surgical First Assistant/Health Information Technician has over 35 years of healthcare experience, knowledge and education in the healthcare arena. He will bring understanding and awareness of social, mental and physical determinants that are plaguing the black and brown communities. Health literacy is prudent in the minority communities, otherwise the lack of knowledge will lead our people to perish. Esprit de Corps has collaborated with National Prostate Cancer Coalition and Health.gov on initiatives to provide various physical, mental and social health awareness programs to educate our communities with health issues and questions.

The Streets

Homeless & Suicide Prevention Programs

We render behavior & mental health solutions, spiritual counseling and home ownership classes; to military and civilian who need to address issues that are potentially lead to depression, low self esteem and low-motivational drive. This program is design to face and conquer our daily struggles head on and plan a  resolution remove any obstacle.